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We are proud to announce that as of now we will be able to offer a full fledged au pair program for all parts of Belgium! We have interviewers that are able to interview families in all parts of Belgium (Vlaanderen, Brussels, Wallonie) and are aware of all that is needed in terms of work permits and visa requirements. We will also be able to organize Orange Au Pair Club outings in cities like Brussels, Antwerpen and Gent.

The au pair program for Belgium differs from the program in Holland and we have specific candidates available from Eastern Europe, South Africa and Peru who want to au pair in Belgium only. These candidates can be viewed by clicking on au pair profiles. If there is a candidate that you like, let us know and we can check to see if she would like to au pair in Begium.

How much will it cost to hire an au pair or nanny through House o Orange or to become one?

An au pair in Belgium is allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours a week and cannot be older than 25 or younger than 18 when applying for a work permit. Costs for the different au pair programs in Belgium are as follows:

Monthly au pair stipend
minimum of € 450
Au pair insurance per month
€ 45
Cost for applying for a workpermit
€ 250
Agency fee for a regular au pair
€ 1050
Agency fee for an au pair PLUS € 1250
Agency fee for a Nanny € 2000
In Belgium, the family is obliged to offer and pay for the au pair's language course. A contribution towards airfare (for all au pairs) and in some cases pre-paid airfare is required for an au pair from South Africa, South America or Australia.

Au Pair in Belgium v.s. Nanny in Belgium
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 Au Pair  Nanny
Au pair is between 18-25   Nanny is 20 yrs old or older
Au pair does not have any formal training   Nanny has training and experience
Au pair does not always drive   Nanny generally drives
Au pair 2-12 month placements possible   Nanny 6-12 month placements possible

Difference in costs per month:  Au Pair    Nanny
Weekly hrs 20     30-40
Allowance 450   negotiable salary, € 1000 and up
Travel -    -
Orange AP Club included    included
Ticket € 50-100   optional
Insurance  45   optional
Phone optional   optional
Language optional   optional
Agency  100   180
Bonus  optional    optional
Monthly cost on average  750    € 1500 (incl. tax)

Is there an au pair PLUS program in Belgium? Yes, We do offer an au pair PLUS program for Belgium. The au pair PLUS will have been an au pair before (often in Holland) and will be older and more experienced. She will require a bonus at the end of her stay and a 3 week paid holiday.

What is the difference between an au pair and a nanny?
An au pair is a young person who comes to
Belgium as part of a cultural exchange program and wants to learn more about Belgian culture and our language. A Nanny is someone who is part of a working program and comes to Belgium in order to work with children. A sofi-number is required and taxes and such must be paid both by the employer and by the nanny. We only place a few nannies a year, either from the EU (Ireland for instance) or from Australia (on a working holiday visa). Monthly cost for a nanny would be around 1500-2000 Euro.

Belgium-links for further reading
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Are you interested in becoming an au pair in Belgium or do you live in Belgium and would you like to hire an au pair or nanny?
Download our Au Pair-form or our Family-form or send us an e-mail.

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