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What is an au pair
  What does an au pair earn and what other expenses are paid for by the family?
  What about room and board?
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  What if things do not work out?
   How much will it cost to hire an au pair or nanny through House O Orange or to become one?
   What must I do to hire an au pair through House O Orange Au Pairs or to become one?  
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Whatís an au pair?
An au pair in the Netherlands is a young single person between the ages of 18-30 who lives with a family in a country other than his or her own for a maximum of 12 months, helps with general housework and childcare in exchange for room, board and pocket money (stipend).


The au pair program is one of cultural exchange and the au pair must be given the opportunity to learn a foreign language and to experience the culture of the country that he/she is in. In return, the au pair will be asked to perform general household duties (washing and tidying up, laundry, ironing, cooking etc.) and to take care of children during a limited number of hours a day and/or baby-sit at night. The au pair is not an employee but a member of the family and will be treated as such. The au pair usually does not have formal childcare training but must have documented and/or verifiable experience with children. Some of our au pairs have much more than that and some of our candidates are extremely qualified making them more suited for proper nanny positions. All of our au pairs have a natural ability with children and have finished at least the equivalent of a high school diploma. We regularly have candidates that are native English speakers from Canada, Australia, South Africa and Ireland as well as many candidates from other countries that also have a command of either English or German or of another European language like French or Spanish. EU candidates (although far and few between) will be proficient in English or German as well as their mother tongue.

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What does an au pair earn and what other expenses are paid for by the family?

The average stipend in The Netherlands for approx. 30 hrs a week of help, is currently either € 300 or 340 month. The family that the au pair lives with is fully responsible for the au pair during his/her stay in The Netherlands.

The family will pay for the au pairís full medical insurance for the duration of his/her stay as well as a (language) course to a maximum of € 320 provided the au pair finishes the full course and stays with the family for a minimum of 6 months. The family will provide the au pair with full room and board, a telephone allowance as well as help with travelling expenses to and from her home country.

At House o Orange we also expect families to help with a portion of the au pair's travelling expenses from their home country for au pairs outside of the EU. African, Australian, Asian, South and North-American candidates generally require a reimbursement above 500-700 Euro's of their return airfare. Generally speaking, au pairs from these countries will pay a portion of their airfare and when booking, the family should pay for the remainder. In some cases. the family may reimurse the au pair for the remainder of her airfare once she arrives, depending on the cost of their ticket. Au pairs from European countries are generally able to pay for their own full travelling expenses as it will be less than 500-700 Euro's. These are the minimum requirements that House o Orange Au Pairs sets for its families. However, many families provide much more than that, all of our families will provide a monthly phone allowance, others will pay for trips abroad, all of our familie will provide the au pair with a bicycle or buss pass (for those au pairs that do not need to drive), pay for health insurance and a language course.

What about room and board?

The host family must provide the au pair with a satisfactory private room. Because houses in The Netherlands are generally small, private bath/shower facilities are not always available and the au pairís room will not always be spacious. It will, however, be properly furnished, clean and pleasant. House o Orange Au Pairs does not place an au pair with a family without first viewing the available rooms and facilities. Many families will provide their au pair with phone/computer facilities, as well as a TV (minimum requirement) and or radio or CD player. If such private facilities cannot be provided, the au pair will have access to these facilities in the living room or common areas, like any other member of the family would. As mentioned, the host family must also provide the au pair with full board, that does not mean that the au pair is entitled to her own private weekly shopping list of organic foods, exotic fruits and prime cuts of beef... It means that the au pair is to join in with family meals and eat the foods that are bought by the family. Eating meals with the host family is an important part of cultural exchange for both parties. It enables both the au pair and the host parents to review the daily activities and to get to know one another a lot better. We strongly urge our families and au pairs to make daily evening meals part of their schedule.

And how about days off?

An au pair will generally only be expected to work on weekdays and can work a maxium of 5 days only (no exception). On occasion the au pair may be asked to work a few hours on a weekend as long as the total number of hours per week does not exceed the maximum number of working hours and as long as she has 2 full days completely free every week. Furthermore, the au pair is entitled to a minimum of one full weekend a month off, from Friday evening 20:00 P.M. until Sunday evening 12.00 PM. Most au pairs have a lot more time off than that, and many families do not expect their au pairs to work more than 3-4 days a week. The au pair is entitled to one week of paid vacation for every 6 months of his/her stay and the dates for this vacation must agree with the host familyís schedule. Baby-sitting at night is by arrangement and should not exceed 1-2 times a week and is part of the maximum of 30 hrs that the au pair is allowed to work per week. The host family should also give their au pair the necessary time off to enable him/her to be involved in religious worship and to attend church services.

What if things do not work out?

At House o Orange we do everything possible in order to make a good match between a candidate and a family. But no matter how carefully we screen both candidates and families, things do not always work out. A family may decide that an au pair is no longer an option due to changes in family structure, employment or living arrangements. An au pair may have to deal with problems in his/her home country that warrant immediate return. Au pairs do get homesick, personalities do not always click and sometimes itís just a matter of bad luck. Whatever the reason, House o Orange will first attempt to mediate between the family and the au pair. Secondly, we will offer the au pair and family the option to finish their contract at an earlier, agreed upon date and then find a replacement. If all mediation efforts fail, we will offer our families a free replacement if less than 10 % of their agreed time frame has passed. Usually a replacement can be found within a few weeks time. If the au pair has been with the family for a longer period of time, we will usually find a replacement for a discounted fee (to be decided on a case to case basis). We are generally reasonable and fair and will do our best to find a solution for both the au pair and the family. Because a binding contract is used between the family and the au pair, a minimum 2 week period of notice is required by both parties, unless there are verifiable, pressing reasons that would warrant immediate termination of the contract. Such reasons could be theft, abuse, negligence, violence, repeated breach of more than 3 terms of the contract, etc. Any such immediate reasons must first be discussed with House o Orange Au Pairs.
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How much will it cost to hire an au pair or nanny through House o Orange or to become one?

Our families pay our agency a flat fee, depending on the number of months an au pair placement is required and on the type of au pair that is needed. Fees for nannies and PLUS girls are higher than our regular au pair fees. All our fees are can be viewed on this site by clicking on the icon/photo for "families". There are no introductory or membership fees; a portion of our fee is due immediately upon registration once the family has had their interview, has been screened and a commitment has been made. Interviews are free of charge although the family does pay a transportation fee to their home from our office in The Hague. All fees are non-refundable and include 21 % tax and are payable prior to the arrival of the au pair/nanny. We also offer The Orange Au Pair Club to all of our au pairs. Membership is automatic and gives the au pair the opportunity to participate in all of our Orange Au Pair Club outings (see link for our latest activity) and allows her to receive our au pair list, welcome package with a manual, information about a language schools as well as support from our agency.

What should I do to hire an au pair or nanny through House o Orange Au Pairs or to become one?

Families and nannies are urged to contact us by e-mail. Application forms are available on this site and a representative from our agency will contact you as soon as possible. Au Pair candidates should contact a local agent in their country of origin. We work through a network of agencies that are part of IAPA. An IAPA agency can be found through We do not work directly with Au Pairs. For more urgent requests we would advice you to phone us at +31-(0)70-3245903 or to send a fax to +31-(0)70-3245913 or an e-mail via the link at the top of the page.


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