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  Ellen Heesen-Hiemstra; NETHERLANDS
  Annelies Linker; NETHERLANDS
  Marjon Gillet; NETHERLANDS

Laura Scherder; NETHERLANDS

  Willemijn Hiemstra- Justa ; BELGIUM
  Susan Beere; SOUTH AFRICA
  Elandi Loock; SOUTH AFRICA


Ellen Heesen- Hiemstra - Director/Owner NETHERLANDS / BELGIUM / SOUTH AFRICA

Ellen was born in Amsterdam but raised in Tokyo, Japan and Oxford, UK. She holds a degree in communication management and has a background in marketing and sales. Ellen started House o Orange in 2000 and is sole owner. She is married and has 3 teenaged children (including twins) who are frequently featured on the website and who have all just graduated from high school. Hobbies for Ellen include spending time with her family, travelling, reading, fashion, renovating houses and watching movies and series. Ellen speaks Dutch and English fluently, some French and very basic Japanese. She can be reached at

Annelies Linker - Senior Program Manager Au Pair NETHERLANDS

Annelies has a degree in American Studies from the University of Groningen. She interned for us over the summer of 2006 and started working for House o Orange full time in February 2007. Annelies was an au pair herself in the US and has a lot of knowledge and expertise with regard to the au pair program. Annelies speaks English and Dutch. Annelies is our Senior Program Manager and she is also responsible for our outbound program. She currently lives in The Hague around the corner from our office. Annelies loves to travel and she especially enjoys travelling to the US to see her former host family. In her free time Annelies likes to do yoga, read and keep fit by going to the gym. She can be reached at


Marjon Gillet - Junior Program Manager Au Pair NETHERLANDS

Marjon has a degree in International Business and Languages which she obtained in 2008. She interned for House o Orange in 2007 but has worked for the Belgian Chamber of Commerce since finishing her degree. We are very happy that she is able to rejoin our team as of September 1st 2014. Marjon is married and has a beautiful 3 year old son and works Monday-Tuesday-Thursdays for House o Orange. Marjon loves good food and enjoys finding new restaurants and places to eat and loves to spend time with her family and friends. She is greatly looking forward to going back to work for House o Orange Au Pairs and will be a our new Junior Manager, responsible for visa applications, liasing with clients and au pairs and supporting Annelies in her day to day work. Marjon is expecting her second child and will be on maternity leave as of March 2nd 2015. Marjon can be reached at


Laura Scherder - Assistant for our inbound and outbound Au Pairs NETHERLANDS


Laura is alsmost 25 years old and has nearly finished her degree in Business Administration at the VU in Amsterdam. Laura loves to travel, has spent a few months in Australia and lives in Leiden. She speaks Dutch and English and is responsible for both our outbound and inbound Au Pairs. Laura is new to working in an office but has great people skills, she is flexible and open minded and we are happy to have her as part of our House-o-Orange Team in The Hague. Laura works 3 to 4 days a week and can be reached at


Willemijn Hiemstra-Justa - Interviewer for BELGIUM  

Willemijn was born in Amsterdam but has lived in Tokyo, Japan, Toronto, Canada and Michigan, USA. She currently lives in Belgium (Schilde) and is our interviewer for the region. Willemijn travels frequently between Belgium and Holland and has a busy life. She is a writer and reporter and has written a book as well as being a magazine editor and contributor. Hobbies for Willemijn include fashion, travelling and her grandchildren. Willemijn speaks Dutch, English, French and German.


Magna Loubser- Trainer CAPE TOWN at Melkbosstrand SOUTH AFRICA

Magna is our amazing former office manager for our Cape Town headoffice. She lives around the corner from our office in Melkbos and has two grown sons. Magna brings a wealth of experience to the business and has worked in the financial administration field for many years. Magna speaks native Afrikaans and English. When she is free, she likes to spend time with her husband and family, she enjoys good food and a nice braai and she likes to socialize. Magna has recently become a grandmother to a beautiful baby boy! She is therefore no longer full time involved with House-o-Orange but helps with our weekend trainings.


When Magna left in April 2016 to care for her grandchild, we truly thought we would never be able to replace her. It took a few months and some trial and error but we are confident that Susan Beere brings to the tabel so many of the qualitie that we loved in Magna. Susan is also a grandmother and has had a succesful career in finance working for a bank. She is retired and was living a quiet life in Melkbos with her husband when she saw the add for House-o-Orange. We are very happy that she responded as she fits in really well in our team and is loving her work! She can be reached at and she would love to speak to you if you are interested in au pairing in The Netherlands, Italy, Germany Belgium or America!

|Elandi Loock - Junior Manager CAPE TOWN at Melkbosstrand SOUTH AFRICA

Elandi Loock has just started at the Melkbos office and is giving everyone a run for their money! Just 21 yrs old, she brings an enormous amount of energy and creativity to our staff. Elandi was an Au Pair in America and knows first hand what it is like to au pair overseas. She has a strong interest in marketing and business and lives locally with her boyfriend. We are really happy to have her on board. Elandi can be reached at and she speaks Afrikaans and English.